Abide in Me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in Me. John 15:4

Monday, November 20, 2017

Good 'Ol Murph

Hi friends! I knew what I was in for, but I did it anyways. Do you know what this is?
Yes. That would be a free pattern for a dog coat. I decided to make a dog coat for Murphy. HA! That is what the pattern looked like after I tried to lay it on his back a few times to size it up. I had to make a few adjustments to the pattern to make it fit his body size.

After I actually made the real fleece coat do you wonder if I could get the thing on him without getting bit? Do you wonder WHY I am even doing this?! I WONDER WHY I AM EVEN DOING THIS?! I did it because Murphy was groomed on Tuesday and he shakes and shivers in the cold. We do live in Wisconsin!! I DO love grumpy, 'ol Murph.
So. Yes. I got bit. There was only a little blood involved.I have since decided...Murphy will wear the coat when it is in the teens or lower! I like my fingers. Thank you very much. Are you not impressed I even got the coat on for this modeling session? You can see HE is impressed. The free pattern for the fleece dog coat can be found HERE
We have been going through a lot with Murphy actually. One week before we closed on our home sale, his left eye became very cloudy very, very fast. We made an appointment with the veterinarian and took Murphy in.
Unfortunately Murphy's left eye has rapidly progressed with cataracts. Both eyes also had uveitis, an inflammation that was causing pain and eye redness. What to do? Mama has to wrangle Murphy twice daily with eye drops. Lord help! I just stared at the vet when he told me that one. He suggested muzzling him or using treats to get it done. Well I knew muzzling him was not an option. Not twice a day every day for the REST OF HIS LIFE?!? NO. That is not right.

Treats it is. Home Murphy and I went. Brian went off to get the drops and treats. He came home with the drops and Pupperoni. Now we have only ever given rice cakes as treats in this house. That started because of our dear Mabel. She tended to gain weight and rice cakes won't let you gain weight.winking faceHenry and Murphy go wild for these Pupperoni treats! I do NOT think they are very good for them though. So after this bag is gone we are switching to freeze dried  beef liver. I know Murphy gobbles that up too because the vet offers that as a treat after the appointment is over.

I am getting the eye drops into Murph's eyes. I have to sneak up on him. (Not always easy to do!) Then I quickly pin his neck between my shins, just above my ankles.See what I mean about wrangling poodles?! He actually just stays there and waits now. I just say treat once or twice and he stays still while I place the drop in each eye.Then I immediately give him his Pupperoni. Henry gets a very small piece too.  This happens twice a day. Such fun! NOT! And I am actually Murphy's favorite person still!!

So our Murphy will go blind.white frowning faceHe can barely see out of his left eye right now the vet says. The eye drops will make him comfortable and slow down the progression a bit in the right eye. Murphy is 14 years old. The bloodwork we just had done shows he is otherwise healthy. So we will just take this as it comes.

I will share a bit of stitching with you next time my friends. My order came in from ABC Stitch on Friday finally! I began stitching the ornaments for Madeleine on Saturday. Yes, there are two poodles. I have to stitch them when she is not around.

 Thank you for stopping by. Have a super week! 

For there is one God and one Mediator between God and men, the Man Christ Jesus.  1Timothy 2:5
These are the wreaths decorating Historic Downtown. That is our apartment up there.
These are how the lamp posts look. This is across the street.
Stitching and praying,

Friday, November 17, 2017

Never Enough Pink

Hi friends! Today I am sharing with you two surprise presents Brian has given me since we have moved into this apartment. First, I must explain that since Murphy is 14 years old and going blind, we have used a night light in our bedroom, where he sleeps in a bed on the floor at night, since we have gotten him. He won't lay down to sleep without a night light.

So a few weeks ago Brian was out running errands which included Target. He came home with this night light. An upgrade for me or Murphy? Hmm.
She is adorable though, right? I am sure they did not make these for half blind 14 year old miniature poodles or for 48 year old women, but hey!

The second gift is also a winner. This one left me stunned. I refused to accept it at first. Brian insisted. I am very much a saver and penny pincher, that is why!
He says we are going to sell my old white Kitchen Aid mixer on Craigslist. The one we got as a wedding present 25 years ago and still works beautifully. This one is has my name written all over it he says. He says, "You should see your face when you look at this mixer!" He also got a smaller one because our kitchen is smaller. I hope that is not a problem. I think it may mean I can no longer make a double batch of chocolate chip cookies. And this gang loves their chocolate chip cookies! Brian says we will deal with it.
The last audio book I finished was Agnes Grey by Anne Bronte. Have you ever read this book? I liked it. I find the actual lives of the Bronte sisters very interesting.
In an effort to save her family from poverty, a young woman takes employment as a governess and discovers the great difficulties, instability, and even abuse that accompany her new position in Victorian society.

Based on Brontë’s own experiences as a governess, Agnes Grey is a poignant tale that explores the repression of women as well as the coming of age of a young and memorable heroine.
 I am now listening to To Be Where You Are by Jan Karon. I absolutely love this book. I love every book by Jan Karon. I know I am going to go back and LISTEN to the whole Mitford series. The books just make me feel good! And laugh. How many books make you feel really good?

I am still stitching on Christmas ornaments. Maybe some sneak peaks next time.

Have a wonderful weekend my friends! I am so glad you stopped by!

Stitching and praying,

Monday, November 13, 2017

White Linen

Hi friends! Have you seen any snow yet? We had just the smallest amount of flurries on Friday. Nothing much. That is fine by me!

I finished the white linen valance for the boys' room. I was not so sure about the ruffle on the bottom. I think I made it slightly too rufflie. I am not taking it apart and redoing it however! It does not bother me that much.winking faceI randomly spaced 1/4" pin tucks across the valance width.
I made this valance like I did the previous two. I see something I like on Pinterest and just study the picture and kinda figure out how to make it on my own. I have had this white linen in my stash now for years.
The guys like it. They seem to like whatever window treatments I make in their rooms. This is a lot less exciting than the rainbow dinosaur window valances I remember making when they were very little.smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes
This can be seen right out the boys' bedroom window.
I am stitching a Christmas ornament.(Not the kit I was waiting for. Still waiting!!) No pictures there.

I also have more sewing to share with you next time. I can't help myself. I know I said I was going to do stitching now, but, well, I can't stand the state of undoneness around here. So I am also working on a few things.winking face

I hope you all have a great week my friends! Thank you for stopping by. Thank you for your wonderful comments. I enjoy reading them.

Stitching and sewing and praying,

Friday, November 10, 2017

Still Sewing Over Here

Hi friends! Thank you for your kind words of encouragement you have left me. Your comments brighten my day.
 face throwing a kiss
It has turned cold here. Frost every night. Shivering poodles every morning. I wish I could get a sweater on grumpy, old Murphy, but I may not have fingers left after the experience.
fearful face
Here is the linen valance that I completed for the bathroom.
Does it look familiar? Yes, it is the same as the kitchen valance, just different dimensions. The scallop template for the kitchen did not work for the bathroom window. So I had fun figuring out the scallops two separate times!! NOT! It's done now though, and I am pleased.
I had the pink linen in my stash for years. So that is always nice and a benefit!

smiling face with smiling eyes

I am behind in telling you about the books I have listened to. Back before we moved, I finished listening to Love and Other Consolation Prizes by Jamie Ford. I have not been disappointed by one of Jamie Ford's books yet. This was not my favorite of his, but still good.
From the bestselling author of Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet comes a powerful novel, inspired by a true story, about a boy whose life is transformed at Seattle’s epic 1909 World’s Fair.

“An evocative, heartfelt, beautifully crafted story that shines a light on a fascinating, tragic bit of forgotten history.”—Kristin Hannah, author of The Nightingale

For twelve-year-old Ernest Young, a charity student at a boarding school, the chance to go to the World’s Fair feels like a gift. But only once he’s there, amid the exotic exhibits, fireworks, and Ferris wheels, does he discover that he is the one who is actually the prize. The half-Chinese orphan is astounded to learn he will be raffled off—a healthy boy “to a good home.”

The winning ticket belongs to the flamboyant madam of a high-class brothel, famous for educating her girls. There, Ernest becomes the new houseboy and befriends Maisie, the madam’s precocious daughter, and a bold scullery maid named Fahn. Their friendship and affection form the first real family Ernest has ever known—and against all odds, this new sporting life gives him the sense of home he’s always desired.

But as the grande dame succumbs to an occupational hazard and their world of finery begins to crumble, all three must grapple with hope, ambition, and first love.

Fifty years later, in the shadow of Seattle’s second World’s Fair, Ernest struggles to help his ailing wife reconcile who she once was with who she wanted to be, while trying to keep family secrets hidden from their grown-up daughters.

Against a rich backdrop of post-Victorian vice, suffrage, and celebration, Love and Other Consolations is an enchanting tale about innocence and devotion—in a world where everything, and everyone, is for sale.
I am finishing up the last valance I will be sewing for a while. A white linen one for the boys' room. Then it is on to a few cross stitch Christmas ornaments. I ordered a VERY special Riolis kit  from ABC stitch two and a half weeks ago. It should have been here by now!! I need want it very badly. It is for Madeleine for Christmas this year. I give the kids ornaments every year for St. Nick's. Brian called them yesterday and asked where the order is? After being on the phone for 13 minutes!!!, he was told the order is "on invoice". Um, what?  C'MON ABC STITCH LET'S GO!!!! Please ship it NOW!

I hope you have a super stitchtastic weekend my friends! Thank you for stopping by.

Stitching and praying,

Monday, November 6, 2017

Main Street Monday

Hi friends! These waterfalls are one block away from our apartment here on Main Street. These falls give our little village it's name.
 Here is a faithful friend who watches over the falls across the street.
Thank you so much for stopping by today my friends. I appreciate each and every one of you. I know I have not shown stitching in weeks, I am sorry about that, I just do not have time right now. I am working on one more valance I think. Then I MUST stitch up a few Christmas ornaments! So hang in there if you are visiting for the stitching. It is coming!
Have a super week my friends!

Sewing and praying,

Friday, November 3, 2017

Mr. and Mrs. Kitchen

Hi friends! Have you missed me? I have missed you. This moving stuff gets harder as you get older!confused faceThere is still plenty to do, but I thought I would try to find a bit of time to show you what I have been up to. I made a valance friends! Woo hoo!  Yes indeed I found time for a bit of sewing. I chose to start with the kitchen. The kitchen is painted that very pale pink I told you about, Martha Stewart Magnolia Blossom. Our appliances are black. So....
Pink and black linen!smiling face with heart-shaped eyesHmm. I just realized I don't have a close up picture of this. Maybe you can click on it and see it up closer? There is a lovely 5/8 inch white ribbon I found at JoAnn that I placed on the valance with iron on adhesive hem tape.

Did you notice Mr. and Mrs. Kitchen?
Are these vintage 40's wall pockets not darling?! I found them on Etsy. I love them. I popped some ferns into them.

And on the left side of the window above the kitchen sink....

 Yes, my same two samplers I had hung in our home on the left side of the kitchen sink there also.

So there is your peek into our kitchen my friends. Things are coming along. I will be back next time with a bathroom peek! Ha!

Now by this we know that we know Him, if we keep His commandments. 1John 2:3

Sewing and praying,